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Shinyslops Online Store - News of 2012-4-2 (1)

  • These are actually good news for our customers – we improved the whole shop to provide the best user experience for you !

    Our website is completely rewritten to match out customers requirements :

    • Localization

    You can read our website in almost every language you want

    • Look

    To be honest … it was really time to adapt Web 2.0 style !

    • Tablet/Smartphone compatibility

    Shinyslops can be visited also using devices with smaller displays – just like tablets or smartphones.

    What happens to Muschigrell ? will be taken down within the next weeks … it has a new mission :

    Muschigrell will act as our registered brand name for custom designed products of our own.

    We decided to do so because of the great demand of our custom designs.

    I hope you like it :-)

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